Saturday, 31 December 2011

Make do and Mend...

Maybe it's my old age, but I am finding I am more eager to darn holes in socks and tights more than ever before, perhaps it's the need to practise what I preach at school, what with the emphasis on sustainability. Also tights are expensive so it makes sense to save a few pennies, and making and mending does seem to be the fashion of late...

So imagine my excitement when I opened up these on Christmas day, at first I thought they were plasters with like shoes and t-shirts on, then I thought maybe they were plasters shaped like particular items of clothing, having been the recipient of plasters of a similar ilk previously. But no, they are in fact, plasters for clothes, what an awesome idea?!

Even better, they are bird themed, very cool, now the real question is, to use them as plasters for my clothes, or to use them as decoration???

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